Trickery (2022)

Air- dry clay sculpture

Lust, often seen as the shadowy companion to love, has historically been deemed unsuitable for public discourse. Yet, human sexuality serves various vital functions, such as reproduction and the expression of love. Throughout history, lust has been unfairly stigmatized as sinful, when, in reality, it can bring profound joy and should be embraced as a source of vitality for humanity.

My blend of love and sensuality represents the perfect fusion of two contrasting elements: Uranus, the planet associated with rapid, assertive impulses, and the Moon, the emblem of intuition and subtlety. Meticulously crafted from air-dry clay, my sculpture captures the essence of these elements, harmonizing them in a flawless equation that balances rationality with emotional depth.

Within my clay masterpiece, I portray lust as a wellspring of vivacity. Life finds its fullest expression when inner peace is attained. This is why my creation bears a symbol of tranquility on its back – a dove (known as ‘Ionah’ in Hebrew) clutching an olive branch in its beak. Beyond symbolizing profound peace of mind, the dove represents unwavering loyalty and affection until the end of days.