Three stories (2021)

Three illustrations made in 2021. Each illustration tells a unique story. Read the stories below:

After three years: On the ‘Tromostvoje’ bridge, a melancholic meeting unfolds as the sun sets. Three years have passed since their love’s end, yet their faces bear the unmistakable traces of heartbreak. As they part ways once more, their shared pain serves as a haunting reminder that some bonds, though broken, leave lasting echoes in the recesses of the heart.

River Sava: In the heart of the wilderness, a mystical scene unfolds as a woman, the living embodiment of a river’s spirit, stands serenely by the water’s edge. Her presence breathes life into the landscape, and as she gently caresses a tree, her hair entwines with the leaves, creating an enchanting connection with the world around her. The river’s flow mirrors her wild nature, while ducks, stones, and leaves are arranged in a harmonious circle. This artwork captures the profound bond between nature and the river’s guardian, where the elements converge in a mesmerizing symphony of life and beauty.

My three homes: Amid life’s storms, this person seeks refuge under an umbrella, and is holding onto the sun—a symbol of hope. In the background, her three homes bear witness to a journey of challenges, growth, and new beginnings. In this illustration, we are reminded that life is a journey through storms and sunshine, through trials and triumphs. It’s a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to find warmth in the midst of rain, hope in the face of adversity, and the courage to face an uncertain future with an unwavering embrace of the sun.