Sagitta (2021)

Tempera and acrylic colors on cardboard, 140x90cm

The Arrow (Latin: Sagitta) is a constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere and is the third smallest among the 88 modern constellations. In Hevelius’ Uranographia of 1690, the Sagittarius constellation is depicted with symbols—an arrow, the fox Vulpulecula, and the goose Anser. In my painting, I’ve taken these same constellation symbols (the fox and goose) and placed them in a different context. I’ve woven them into the narrative of abuse and a cruel act that the entire universe is witnessing. Just as this arrow (sagitta) once saved the ancient Greek hero Prometheus (as per the old mythological legend of his suffering), this time it will also serve to save all the martyrs who are participants in this story.