Fantasy life

Creation of Adamah (2024)

Oil on canvas, 160 x 100 cm This painting captures the pivotal moment of God’s creation of Adam. The name ‘Adamah,’ when translated, signifies ‘ground’ or ‘earth,’ as noted in the Genesis creation narrative. The artwork illustrates the instant when…

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Allegory of love (2023)

Oil painting on wooden panel, dimensions 80 x 190 cm This story “explores” true love through various symbols arranged in a horizontal composition. This arrangement represents the passive and feminine aspect, delving into the relationship between a woman and a…

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The martyrs (2022)

Oil on wooden panel, 90 × 60 cm We become martyrs when we inhabit a world distant from God and His laws. The picture depicts a man and a woman endeavoring to flee from the demons pursuing them, their souls…

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Sun kissing soil (2022)

Oil on canvas, tondo, diameter 90 cm The sun nurtures the soil, bathing it in light, and in turn, the soil yields fruit. The sun symbolizes the active male principle, fertilizing, while the soil embodies a feminine character, absorbing, receiving,…

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Sagitta (2021)

Tempera and acrylic colors on cardboard, 140x90cm The Arrow (Latin: Sagitta) is a constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere and is the third smallest among the 88 modern constellations. In Hevelius’ Uranographia of 1690, the Sagittarius constellation is depicted with…

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New beginning (2021)

Pastel on paper, 60×80 cm The war, depicted by flames and explosions in the background along with the person wearing a war suit, serves as a metaphor for the inner conflicts within one’s mind. A new beginning is on the…

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Saint Bridget (2021)

Pastel on paper, 100×72 cm The proliferation of conflicts and global issues is on the rise, while our collective capacity to find solutions is declining. In this painting, I depict Europe as the world’s largest trade bloc, personified by St.…

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Family still life (2021)

Mixed technique on paper, 50×70 cm This still life serves as a symbol of family dynamics. The roasted chicken embodies the sacrificial love of a mother. A bottle of wine symbolizes an ‘inconstant’ husband, while an overturned glass signifies family…

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The entrance (2020)

Pastel on paper, 50×70 cm Woman entering ‘the sin.’ Her blindness symbolizes a person’s lack of awareness regarding the price she will have to pay for tasting forbidden apples, which symbolize the fleeting joys that sins bring. She is led…

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The call (2020)

Pastel on paper , 50×70 cm The man you see is a manifestation from my dreams, possibly symbolizing my ‘inner man,’ or what Jung referred to as the ‘animus’—the unconscious masculine aspect within a woman. He beckons, seeking awakening, embodying…

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Moon call (2020)

Pastel on black paper, 50×70 cm Inspired by a dream, this artwork portrays the soul of a slumbering person leaping out of bed and chasing the moon through a window. The dream catcher, a powerful symbol, represents the awareness of…

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Happy family (2020)

Pastel on black paper, 40×30 cm A tragicomic portrayal of an unhealthy family: a frightened child, a possessive mother, and an abusive husband, all trying to maintain the facade of a ‘happy family life’ in a world of black and…

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Room of pain (2020)

Pastel on black paper, 50×70 cm. In the ‘Room of Pain,’ a young girl remains confined, a metaphorical representation of a grown woman’s struggle to fully embrace her adulthood, perpetually trapped by her reluctance to accept her maturity.

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His fall (2020)

Acrylic colors on canvas, 70×90 cm This is the tale of a man locked in perpetual battle with his inner ‘Anima’ (the feminine principle present in the male unconscious). This internal strife led him down a path of self-destructive behaviors,…

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Graceful creations

Bled (2023)

Oil on canvas, 90×100 cm I don’t typically create landscape paintings, but this painting was commissioned, showcasing a panoramic view of Bled Castle and the lake.

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Pendants (2023)

Pendants made of air- dry clay Many of these pendants are rich with Christian symbolism. The sun, for example, has long been a symbol associated with Jesus. This connection between Christ and the sun dates back to ancient times and…

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Trickery (2022)

Air- dry clay sculpture Lust, often seen as the shadowy companion to love, has historically been deemed unsuitable for public discourse. Yet, human sexuality serves various vital functions, such as reproduction and the expression of love. Throughout history, lust has…

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The Fear (2021)

Air-dry clay sculpture The Fear (2021) is a sculpture crafted from air-dry clay. It depicts a wolf, traditionally seen as a symbol of courage and determination to follow one’s true path. However, in this portrayal, the wolf appears frightened and…

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Seven deadly sins (2022)

Plate painting The ‘Plate of Seven Sins’ is a ceramic serving plate painted in black. It features miniature illustrations of seven different animals, each personifying one of the seven cardinal sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. In…

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Amulets (2023)

Amulets refer to objects that have the power to avert evil influences or ill luck. In this context, these amulets are actually illustrations, each symbolizing something: the Bird Homa brings peace to the home, the Egyptian queen Bastet offers protection,…

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Three stories (2021)

Three illustrations made in 2021. Each illustration tells a unique story. Read the stories below: After three years: On the ‘Tromostvoje’ bridge, a melancholic meeting unfolds as the sun sets. Three years have passed since their love’s end, yet their…

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Portraits and caricatures

Study sketches

Angels (2023)

A series of sketches of angels from 2023. The sketches are made with charcoal and graphite pencils. I tried to capture beauty and grace in angelic faces, and most of them have an androgynous appearance.

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