My name is Karolina Radotić, and I’m known as ‘Kuci.” I was born in Postojna, Slovenia, in 1998. I completed my undergraduate studies at the Arthouse College of Visual Arts in February 2023. In October 2023 I started studying at the post-graduate level at Arthouse College.

Throughout my educational journey, I earned numerous awards for well done study assignments. My solo exhibitions were held at Kulturni dom Planina (2017), the Postojna Youth Center (2018 and 2023), one virtual exhibition at the Youth Center in Domžale (2020) ,in Prulcek live music venue (2023)and in Galerija Tir in Nova Gorica (2024).

I also showcased my work in several group exhibitions at a few Slovenian galleries, such as the ZDSLU Gallery in Ljubljana as part of the ‘Young Artists 2022’ competition, Gallery Avla – GT22 in Maribor for the ‘Welcome Youth 2022’ competition (where I competed for the Primavera award), and in The Rast Institution in Ruše as part of the ‘Young Artists’ competition in 2022.
In March 2023, I reached the national finals of the Red Bull Doodle global competition. My artwork was selected among more than 500 submissions to be one of the final 20.

How it all started

My desire to create was awakened in me during my early childhood. As a child, I often ‘escaped’ into my imagination, finding it easier than facing the actual world around me. Yet, I was truly amazed by nature, animals, and the houses I saw. I marveled at the world that surrounded me, at all the ‘movement’ happening around me. I observed relationships between people. My motifs were simple, all representing reality, but always in a stylized manner. I’ve always had the feeling that I needed to understand the objects or events I saw and experienced in my own way. I was a self-taught artist until I began my studies at the Arthouse College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. In short, for as long as I can remember, I have always been a very creative person, and my rich imagination is the reason I see things differently.

When I was younger, I primarily perceived the world through my emotions, and even then, I began to experience visions. These artistic visions have continued to accompany me throughout my life; they are like ideas or almost fantastical images. For instance, when a friend shares their story of unrequited love during a conversation, I may experience a ‘sudden inspiration’ – a vision directly connected to my friend’s words. Eventually, I will depict this vision on one of my canvases, using symbols to more effectively convey the message that love can be painful.

So, I would say that I have always rejected the reality that presents itself to us as it is. Art, for me, has been a ‘way out’ from everyday life, and it continues to be so.

Most of my paintings nowadays are the result of visions that suddenly appear to me. I refer to them as ‘inspirations’ because they are like inner images that emerge from my subconsciousness. Besides these event-related inspirations and my own, independent artistic visions, I also do portraits and caricatures on commission.

Artist’s statement:

Through art, I explore reality. I perceive art as a continuous wonderment at reality, an enduring curiosity about the world. I firmly believe that everything is not as it appears on the surface. Therefore, as an artist, I constantly challenge myself to push the boundaries of the reality I inhabit further and further. My visions serve as a suggestion that there might be more to existence than just the material world that presents itself in our daily lives. Consequently, I believe that my creations are influenced by the emotions I harbor toward life, and in my paintings, I celebrate life in all its facets, both its beauty and its ugliness.

For me, painting is an ever-evolving, endlessly shifting narrative. It remains in a perpetual state of flux, which is precisely what makes it captivating. My paintings hold the mystery of a life journey. Similar to how you seek to understand your own life, you may find yourself seeking to comprehend what I convey in my artwork.

The current body of my work consists of a collection of narratives presented in parables, which aim to engage viewers in contemplation. These narratives draw inspiration from true stories, but I replace real-life elements with symbols and allegorical characters. To convey certain stories symbolically, I often turn to literature for inspiration. Some symbols arise spontaneously from my own visions, and only after I paint them do I attempt to better understand and explain them, often drawing on literature that delves into the subconscious mind. My interpretation of these symbols is largely influenced by the works of psychoanalysts such as Freud and, in particular, Jung.

IMy artworks serve as a quiet whisper from my soul, a gentle breeze that attempts to guide you toward a deeper, higher understanding beyond the grasp of mere matter or reason. Therefore, I refrain from attempting to ‘explain’ my artworks but instead strive to ‘listen’ to their subtle messages.

About my work process:

My creative process begins with sketching my inner visions. I sketch images in my sketchbook that will later come to life on canvases. Typically, these images emerge unexpectedly from my subconscious mind during various experiences, such as conversations, moments in nature, or even in my dreams. I diligently record these visions, which is why I always carry my sketchbook with me and engage in frequent sketching. These sketches serve as preliminary steps for my paintings. Subsequently, I weave together the disparate motifs from my sketchbook to craft a complete narrative – a new painting.

When I create portraits or caricatures on commission, clients initially provide me with a photograph of the person to be depicted and share descriptions of their appearance and personality. This approach enables me to grasp not only the individual’s physical features but also their character and temperament. Each portrait and caricature is unique; in every piece, my aim is to capture the essence of the person portrayed, incorporating specific details related to their personal life.

Kuciart Uran in njegova mati


If you have an interesting life story you’d like to share and see transformed onto canvas, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the email address below. Whether you desire your story to be portrayed symbolically, as an allegory, or simply wish to see it brought from memory into the tangible world, where it can ‘come alive’ on the canvas.

Additionally, if you’d like to present someone dear to you with a special gift, such as a portrait or caricature, you can also reach out to me at my email address:

Note that all of the paintings posted on this page are available for sale.

As a personal note, I’d like to share my motto: ‘Life is sweeter when you can listen to its melody and paint its rhythm.'”